Key documentation that has shaped the course of coeducation at Lafayette College

The Lafayette Alumnus article on Carole Hirsch (1956)

Article with photo of Foster Hirsch and his wife Carole Hirsch, who is considered Lafayette’s first Coed.

Easton Express (1968)

Three articles from the Easton Express, entitled (1) Lafayette Faculty Passes Co-Ed Plan; Trustee Decision Awaited, (2) Women at Lafayette? Faculty Group Favors Plan, and (3) Lafayette To Go Coeducational Soon As Feasible, Trustees Rule.

Co-Education for Lafayette? A Background Paper (undated)

This documents certain considerations in the decision for Lafayette to turn coed.  These include (a) education (b) facilities (c) faculty (d) students (e) curriculum (f) social aspect (g) finances (h) fundraising. This document was most likely produced by the administration, but the source is not identified.

The Financial Model (1969)

This model from the office of the Provost outlines projected costs and plans regarding residence, finance, faculty, education, and enrollment, in the prospect that Lafayette becomes Coed.

Report of the Faculty Committee (1969)

Issues discussed by the faculty in their exploration of the educational desirability of admitting female students to classroom and on campus.

Lafayette Alumni News (1969)

Summary responses to a questionnaire given to alumni, (i.e.  Those who favor all-male, those who favor admitting women, and those who have no preference).

Board of the Trustees Statement for the Admission of Women (1969)

A Biography of a College, Gendebien, Albert, 1986.  Pg. 636.

Remarks made by the president of the Board Trustees, Ralph K. Gottshall, at the June 27th, 1969 meeting, when the admission of women was approved.

Lafayette Alumnus: COEDUCATION: Is it for Lafayette? (1969)

An entire issue devoted to the pros and cons of the admission of women, from professors, alumni, and students.  (We Must Be Doing Something Right, Life Has Not Been The Same Since, Why Study Coeducation Now?,  Surrender To A Few Pretty Daces?, etc.) There is also an overview of both perspectives by the Committee on Educational Policy of the board of trustees, called Considering Both Alternatives.

Special Supplement and Questionnaire (1969)

Includes all of the pro-con articles in Considering Both Alternatives and provides a chart that reflects the projections of all operating expenses of the College, estimated funds required, and a questionnaire sent to alumni.

Lafayette Alumnus: “Coed- Yes; Dow- No” Say Lafayette Students (1969)

Article about rally in support of coeducation when 750  demonstrators gathered in front of Markle.

Lafayette Alumnus: Letters (1969)

Features responses to the Lafayette Alumnus Issue- Coeducation: Is it for Lafayette? from students, alumni, and faculty.

Lafayette Alumnus: The First Two Coeds (1970)

Article about Susan L. Trotter and Joyce S. Cohen who were the first two coeds to submit their enrollment deposits.

Lafayette Alumnus (1972)

Issue of the Lafayette Alumnus providing update on Lafayette after its first year as a coeducational institution.  This issues has humorous and interesting polls, interviews, and a three-hour “rap session” with ten students, five women and five men.

Alumni Quarterly (1980)

Examines coeducation at Lafayette after 10 years.  Articles include: (1) Is Lafayette Still a “Man’s College’? (2) Alumnae Reflect on the ‘Novelty’ of Coeducation (3) Women Profs: They Enjoy the Challenges of Change.

Lafayette Magazine: Lafayette’s First-Class Women (1989)

“Fifteen years after their graduation, members of the first coed class reflect on the College’s influence on their lives…”

Lafayette Alumni News: 20 Years of Coeducation (1991)

Article celebrating the presence of Women for 20 years, and considering how it has changed the College.  It also provides a panel discussion, entitled “Women’s Lives in the Real World: Alumnae Speak Out.”

Lafayette Magazine: Out of the Fishbowl, into the Mainstream (1991)

“The story of 146 women, and how they grew, over the 20 years of coeducation at Lafayette…”