Events and Outreach

The Events and Outreach branch of Refugee Action at Lafayette serves to fulfill the organization’s educational, fundraising, and community-building goals. Events and Outreach hosts about two events on Lafayette’s campus each month in order to educate others on issues facing refugees. Some of these events are targeted towards Lafayette students, while other events reach the Easton or greater Lehigh Valley community. For example, Events and Outreach hosts open discussion meetings each semester to facilitate discourse among students, as well as documentary screenings, and visiting speakers. Beyond campus, Events and Outreach puts on community events such as the annual Broths for a Better World, which brings Lehigh Valley residents together to enjoy culturally diverse foods and discuss global issues. Events and Outreach also spearheads emergency fundraisers for families in immediate need as well as ongoing fundraisers for club sustainability. For example, Lafayette Refugee Action recently competed with Lehigh University in a fundraising battle during the two campus’ sports rivalry week. Events and Outreach serves as the main contact point for Refugee Action’s vital Community Partners. This branch of Refugee Action ensures that the organization remains a positive force in the community and that all those who are interested know how they can help refugees.