Ben Tumin: Monsters to Destroy Talk

Monsters to Destroy is a multimedia performance by filmmaker and comedian Ben Tumin discussing refugee resettlement in the United States. Mixing information about the refugee crisis with clips from interviews conducted with Scott Cooper, a retired marine working in human rights advocacy, and five young Syrians living in Germany, Ben takes a different look at the impact of refugee resettlement, particularly from the perspective of national security. Through anecdotes about his grandfather — himself once a refugee — Ben weaves in his connection to the cause and pieces together what he has learned about himself, his country, and the questions that remain.

Broths for a Better World 2018

The first annual Broths for a Better World community dinner was hosted by First Presbyterian Church in downtown Easton in March of 2018. Refugee Action members prepared homemade soups using recipes from Myanmar, Colombia, Kharcho, and Syria. These soups were served to community members and students who attended the event as Refugee Action members presented about refugee issues and resettlement. The main goal of the event was to raise awareness about crises around the world, most specifically those crises that are least discussed in popular news media.