Lafayette Refugee Action is a student organization at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania that strives to raise awareness of and improve the lives of refugees from a variety of backgrounds in the Lehigh Valley and beyond. The organization consists of about 40 members who share a passion for service, human rights, and peer education. Refugee Action is led entirely by students, but enjoys a partnership with the Bethany Christian Services resettlement agency in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The resettlement agency notifies Refugee Action of families in need, and the team steps in to either fully sponsor the families or provide them with resources such as furniture and interpretation. Refugee Action also participates in community outreach and fundraising work throughout the Lehigh Valley. In order to compartmentalize these diverse goals, Refugee Action is broken down into two sub-organizations: Events & Outreach and Resettlement. 

We invite you to follow our progress and events here on our website, and contact us with any comments or questions at refact@lafayette.edu.