Barclays Alumni Panel

ATTENTION anyone interested in financial internships, jobs, or learning from the experiences of successful alumni. The Lafayette College Investment Club will be hosting an alumni panel Thursday, April 6th from 12 pm to 1pm featuring 5 of our very own Lafayette graduates who are currently at Barclays. There will be representatives from Sales and Trading, Capital Markets, and Hedge Fund services to discuss the specifics of their roles, give advice, and answer your questions.

Note the earlier starting time at 12 pm. Along with the helpful advice and insights, pizza will be provided. 

See you there!

The Comeback Kids


 Even the best make mistakes- for those of you who have been following our Investment Club, you might have noticed that 2 winners out of our past 3 stock battles, Under Armour and Amazon, have faltered in recent months. What do these losses mean for our portfolio and future decisions? (First off, don’t worry. We will still be providing pizza at our meetings rain or shine).

Second, as a club that is driven by long term success and the primary goal to educate our members, sometimes we will take risks that don’t pay off in the short term. As discussed in our last meeting, our mistakes are opportunities to analyze our rationales and apply new perspectives to future decisions. As an example, when looking to purchase Under Armour we determined only Nike to be an alternative company, overlooking the similar sportswear giant Adidas who rose to success in 2016. 

Third, although we embrace mistakes as learning opportunities, we still consider whether it’s worth holding a position or not. Given our long term perspective, we have to decide if our current portfolio will benefit the Lafayette Investment Club and all of its members decades from now. 

Being wrong is never easy. But at the Lafayette Investment Club we take pride in our ability to bounce back! See more at our first presentation of the year under Meeting Updates.

‘Tis the Season for Interviews and Applications

shocked interview

As many of you Lafayette students probably already know, the timeline for applying to internships and full time positions in the finance industry is well underway. If you are looking for opportunities for next year, please use the Investment Club as a resource! Many of our board members have gone through the interview process successfully, and have tips on how to navigate the tricky questions and present yourself as a likeable candidate. We also have a growing network of alumni who could help you in the application process.

During our Friday meetings for the next few weeks we will continue to have example interview questions and present career opportunities that are brought to our attention by alumni or interested recruiters. Feel free to come to us with any questions or check our archive of presentations to refresh your memory.

And most importantly, good luck to everyone!

Learning from Our Own Experiences

internship panel

On a warm Friday afternoon surrounded by the smell of pizza, members of the Investment Club gathered to share how to get the most out of summer internships. Containing insights from investment banking to a tech company and everywhere in between, our annual Investment Club Internship Panel is available for your viewing here. See the picture below for a preview of this experience, moderated by our very own Jesse Glaser.