Why Join?

The reasons you may want to join a fraternity are common among all organizations although some may play a more important role than others from group to group. These include:

  • Companionship and lifelong friendships. The common bond of membership forms a brotherhood of students with shared interests and goals and usually leads to very close friendships that often last a lifetime. Fellowship with people of differing backgrounds and experiences is an important part of Greek life.
  • Social Opportunities. Sorority and fraternity members are expected to help plan and take part in different types of activities ranging from dances and parties to charitable events. Members can expect to have many opportunities to have fun, help fellow students and support their community. A member should never lack for something to do.
  • Academic achievement. Academics are usually a major focus of Greek organizations and members have access to tutoring help and valuable advice from upperclassmen in the group. Studies have shown that members of fraternal organizations have a significantly higher rate of graduation.
  • Opportunities for leadership. Those who join a fraternity can learn important leadership skills by participating in chapter governance and organizing activities.
  • Access to housing. Housing can often be expensive and hard to find on a college campus. Not all chapters offer this but when it’s available chapter house living can be more comfortable and affordable than dorms or apartments.

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