Joining a Fraternity

Deciding to join a Fraternity can be one of the biggest decisions you will make in your lifetime.  When you decide to become a brother, you join a tradition that has spanned centuries and millions of men across the country and indeed the world.

To learn more about the Lafayette Fraternity community please review the 2022 Guide to Greek Life

The word fraternity comes from the Latin word frater which means brother. When you join a Fraternity you become a member of a true brotherhood that will push you to be the best man you can be.  You will develop life-long friendships with a group of men, all while developing skills that will prepare you for your life outside of college.  You will have the opportunity to get involved in community service and philanthropy, learn how be an effective leader, develop management and financial skills, network with successful alumni, and learn the keys to success.  As entirely student-run organizations, you will have opportunities to grow and learn that no other group can offer.

As you can see, a Fraternity is much more than a social outlet to utilize for three years while you are at college.  When you join a Fraternity at Lafayette College, you gain a home on campus, both literally and figuratively.  Not only will your membership dramatically affect your college career, it will impact your entire life.

We hope that you will seriously consider joining a Fraternity while you are here at Lafayette.  Understand that this is a serious decision and should be treated as such.  We hope that you will utilize all resources available to you when making your decision.  Ultimately, however, the best advice that can be given is talk to the members and see for yourself just how much it has affected their lives.

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