Phi Sigma Chi

Phi Sigma Chi Multicultural Fraternity was founded on November 16, 1996, at the New York City College of Technology of the City University of New York. Phi Sigma Chi was founded by Heraldo Gabriel, Carlos Lopez, Archer Hutchinson, Steven Lee, Noah Rodriguez, and Marvin Simon – six men who sought to establish an organization built on true brotherhood and diversity with roots in self and community development. Striving to be diverse and unique while preparing tomorrow’s leaders with the necessary skillset for various life challenges defines the true nature of our brotherhood. We have formed a union among members of different races, religions, and cultures all working toward a common goal to improve the state of our communities through leadership development and the cultivation of self-worth.


Foundation:  November 16, 1996 at New York City College of Technology
Lafayette Founding:
Chapter Name: N/A
Principles: Pride, Unity, Brotherhood, Respect, Wisdom, and Loyalty
Colors: Crimson and Gold
Symbols: Phoenix
National Philanthropy: 363 Campaign, Sickle Cell Disease Awareness

Number of Brothers: 4

President: Shahking Gomez ’26

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