Executive Board

President – Ed Ruger (Delta Upsilon)

The president is the primary person in charge of the Interfraternity Council (IFC). He presides over all meetings and acts as the liaison between the IFC and all other organizations at Lafayette College. The president works in conjunction with the administration, faculty, and the Panhellenic Council in order to coordinate better Greek affairs. In addition, he helps guide the other executive officers in their efforts to improve the Greek system at Lafayette College.

Vice President of Recruitment – Jack Little (Delta Kappa Epsilson)

The Vice President of Recruitment is primarily in charge of the recruitment events aimed at potential new members throughout the year.  He is in charge of coordinating campus-wide recruitment events and overseeing the organization and publicity of individual house recruitment opportunities.  He is also the primary contact for the non-Greek affiliated students will question about recruiting.

Vice President of Operations – Tyler Wagman (Phi Kappa Psi)

The Director of Finance and Administration collects all dues for the IFC, as dictated by the Constitution, and maintains a strict accounting of the organization’s finances. He pays all outstanding bills against the organization’s account and plans an annual budget. He is also responsible for informing all individual house treasurers of current policies and financial plans.  He is responsible for taking minutes at every meeting and distributing them after each meeting in a timely manner.

Vice President of Scholarship – Josh Ingber (Delta Kappa Epsilon)

The Vice President of Scholarship oversees academic excellence in the Fraternity community. He is in charge of creating programming for all fraternities that is aimed at improving the cumulative house GPA’s of each chapter. They meet regularly with the Academic and Scholarship chairs of each chapter in the council to discuss the progress of their chapter as well as present any resources that might assist them. The VP of Scholarship is also responsible for running the judicial proceedings of the council.

Vice President of Public Relations – Nicholas Scaglione (Delta Upsilon)

The Director of Public Relations promotes all IFC sponsored and co-sponsored events in a positive manner. To do this successfully, he works with the Lafayette College newspaper, radio station, and with local media. He acts as a liaison between the IFC and other student organizations in an effort to establish effective communication with other leaders on campus. In addition, he promotes the positive aspects of fraternity life to independent students on campus.