Tips for Rushing

Rushing a fraternity can be a challenging undertaking.  To help you through, we have a list of things to keep in mind that will make the process as enjoyable as it should be.

1. Keep an open mind.

Never rule any house out until you have checked it out.  You never know what you may find.

2. Ask a lot of questions.

The only way you will be able to know if a particular house is a perfect fit for you is by getting as many answers to questions as you can.  This will also help you get to know the brothers better and you will be able to find out if your values will line up with that of the house’s.

3. Take it seriously

Joining a fraternity is no small decision.  What you decide will have effects on the rest of your life.  Make sure that the house you join is a good fit for you.  Remember, the thing that sets fraternities apart from other organizations is that once you join everyone is your brother.  You can’t pick and choose who your brothers are within the house.  These are the men that will be your family for the next three years and will help you grow and prepare for your future.  

4. Be sociable and outgoing.

No one will be able to get to know you if you don’t show up to rush events and talk to the brothers.  Try to meet as many brothers as you can, this will help you tell what the fraternity is really like.

5. Don’t be blinded by the flashy show.

There are more important things to consider than who had the nicest t-shirts or best chicken wings.  While these events are fun, get to know the brotherhood behind all of the events.  Once rush is over, your chapter will play a big role in the rest of your undergraduate and alumni experience.

6. Be yourself!

How can you expect to find a good fit if the brothers don’t know who you are.  Be yourself and don’t put on an act just because you think it’s what the brothers want to see.  They want to see you for who you are.  If it doesn’t work out, it’s better to find that now rather than once you join.


Recruitment will be 2 of the best weeks of your college career.  Take it for what it’s worth and make the most of it.  By following these simple tips, you will breeze through to bid day and make a whole bunch of new friends along the way.  Even if you end up deciding not to join or to join one house over another, you will still have had a great time and end up with friendships you never had before.

If you have any questions about recruitment contact the Vice President of Recruitment Michael Dwyer at

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