Appendix XIV. Report of the Working Group on Greek Life and Campus Community Executive Summary, 2011

The College’s Working Group on Greek Life and Campus Community submitted its report to the Board of Trustees May 20 following an 18-month study. Formed to examine how fraternities and sororities can best contribute to Lafayette’s future in the context of the College’s strategic plan, the panel was chaired by Barbara Levy ’77, chair of the Trustee Committee on Student Life, and Ashley Juavinett ’11. Its objective was to understand more clearly the benefits of fraternity and sorority membership and develop insight on avenues for preserving and enhancing these benefits while mitigating problems the chapters face.

The report includes 31 recommendations in five categories: improving relationships between the College and the Greek community; the Greek community as a center for academic excellence and innovation; supporting a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming Greek community; promoting personal integrity, responsibility, and well-being in the Greek community; and the College’s recognition and assessment of Greek organizations.

Read the Executive Summary, May 20, 2011.