Appendix II. IFC Sample Rushing Agreement, 1949

  1. Rushing at Lafayette College shall begin on the last Sunday in October and continue until the noon of the following Saturday.
  2. Every Sunday afternoon the fraternities shall have an open house at which time they may entertain any new men they wish. Invitations shall be extended by cards. The time of these open house periods shall be from two to five P.M.
  3. There shall be no rushing until the regular rushing period except on open house afternoons. (Rushing to be interpreted as entertainment for any new men and the discussion of fraternities or fraternity matters. There shall be no contact of any sort during the period from Saturday noon to Sunday noon.)
  4. No new men shall be allowed to live in any fraternity prior to the date of pledging.
  5. Rushing shall end on noon on Saturday. Bids shall be turned over to Interfraternity Council that afternoon and shall be distributed that evening.
  6. The new men shall signify their acceptance by appearing at the house of their choice for dinner the next day (Sunday).
  7. New men shall not be permitted to accept more than five meals to any one fraternity during rushing week nor may he accept more than two engagements to open house Sundays at the same house.
  8. During the week of rushing no fraternity shall be allowed to take new men out of town.
  9. Any violation of these rules on the part of new men shall be reported to the executive committee by any fraternity and that men will not be allowed to accept a pledge until their second semester.
  10. Signed sealed complaints against any fraternity shall be given to the president of Interfraternity Council. He, with the executive committee, shall investigate the charges and submit their findings to the Council. If the charges are substantial the offending fraternity shall be suspended from the council for a period of one year.