Appendix IV. Discriminatory Practices in Living Groups, 1962

The Board of Trustees, January 5, 1962

  1. The Board is pleased that 17 of the 19 national fraternities at Lafayette have no discriminatory clauses in their constitutions.
  2. The Board is likewise pleased that unwritten discriminatory practices on the part of some of the 17 fraternities are decreasing.
  3. The Board desires to encourage this trend and commends the fraternities for actions which enhance the importance of individual merit in all areas of student life.
  4. The fundamental principle which the Board supports is that Lafayette College fraternity members shall have complete freedom of choice in selecting members.
  5. In the light of the substantial progress which has been made, as above indicated, the Board feels that the elimination of discriminatory clauses and practices can and should be accomplished by the remaining fraternities within a reasonable time and without compulsion.
  6. Therefore the Board requests the fraternities at Lafayette to do all they can to divest themselves of all discriminatory clauses and practices as soon as is reasonably possible.
  7. On or after January 1, 1965, the Board will re-examine the situation to take such further action, if any, as it may deem desirable or appropriate.
  8. The Board recognizes the values of the fraternity system at its best, and the important role that the fraternities have played in the development of Lafayette for over a hundred years. We expect them to continue to contribute to the social and academic life of the College.

Minutes of the Board of Trustees, Jan 5, 1962 p.1714