Appendix IXA. Mission Statement for Fraternities and Sororities, 1990

Faculty Minutes, March, 1990

The role of fraternities and sororities at Lafayette College should not be limited to providing students with housing, meal plans, and opportunities for socializing and developing their skills as leaders. These organizations also should seek to enhance the cultural and intellectual life of the campus; they should strive to inculcate in their members a genuine love of learning and should actively promote interest and involvement in a wide range of cultural and social activities. Fraternities and sororities also should foster a spirit of civic mindedness by engaging in philanthropic and other activities that benefit those in the local community.

Goals for Lafayette Fraternities and Sororities

  1. To provide an atmosphere in which learning and intellectual curiosity will flourish.
    1. The chapter will plan programs that stress the importance of adhering to principles of academic integrity and honesty.
    2. The chapter will establish programs to encourage academic excellence among all its members.
    3. The chapter will involve College faculty, administrators, and alumnae/alumni in its programming efforts.
    4. The chapter, as well as its individual members, will participate in the cultural and intellectual life of the campus. (for example, the group might co-sponsor lectures and artistic events or host meals and receptions for campus speakers and performers.)
  2. To foster respect for and understanding of members of both sexes.
    1. The chapter will sponsor programs of positive relations between the sexes.
    2. The chapter should actively seek to interact with Faculty members of the opposite sex to that of its chapter members.
    3. The chapter will not engage in or tolerate activities that demean persons of the other sex.
    4. Regarding meal times as an occasion for positive social interactions, fraternities will operate their dining programs in a way that promotes respect for all persons. Non-chapter members participating in a fraternity dining program will be selected on a first-come basis.
  3. To promote respect for and understanding of persons of all races, religion, ethnic groups, and nationalities.
    1. The chapter will regularly evaluate its selection process to ensure that membership in the organization is accessible to a wide variety of students. Membership will not be denied to anyone on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or nationality.
    2. Some of the chapter activities will be designed to broaden each member’s cultural horizons and acquaint him or her with peoples, customs, and philosophies different from those in his or her immediate background.
    3. The chapter will seek interaction with Faculty members of diverse backgrounds.
    4. The chapter will not engage in or tolerate activities that demean persons on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, or national origins.
  4. To promote concern for the larger human community.
    1. The chapter will establish a community service program that aims to aid individuals in need of assistance and to inspire in chapter members a philanthropic spirit.
    2. The chapter will promote good relationship among all sectors of the campus community.
  5. To respect and support the rights of all individuals.
    1. The chapter will establish internal disciplinary procedures that impose stiff penalties on members who physically, verbally, or sexually abuse any person.
    2. The chapter will provide a written pledge program that strictly forbids any form of hazing.
    3. The chapter will develop a set of house rules that govern members’ behavior in the house; these rules that ensure that the residential environment is one that facilities studying as well as socializing.
  6. To provide a clean, safe environment in the chapter house.
    1. All repairs required by the City of Easton Health and Fire Inspection and by the College will be made expeditiously and in accordance with timetable and regulations of those agencies.
    2. The chapter house should have regular procedures for cleaning the house and grounds, in times of activity and on a day-to-day basis, that involve both pledges and active members.
    3. During the summer months and at other times of the year when the houses are not normally occupied, provisions will be made inside and outside.
  7. To conduct business affairs with integrity and in a timely manner.
    1. On a regular basis, the chapter’s billing and budgetary procedures will be explained clearly to all members.
    2. Members who do not meet their financial obligations to the Chapter will not be allowed to receive the benefits of membership.
    3. Each semester the chapter officers will oversee the preparations of a budget, which then will be submitted for approval to both chapter members and the appropriate alumnae/alumni body. This budget cannot be substantially changed by chapter officers without chapter or alumni/alumnae approval.
    4. The chapter will keep current its accounts with the College and with area merchants and will pay all bills on time.
    5. The chapter and house corporation will hold financially accountable any member who maliciously damages property and take appropriate disciplinary action.
    6. The chapter will present an annual program on risk management to all members.
  8. To foster responsible attitude towards the consumption of alcohol and actively discourage the use of illegal drugs.
    1. The chapter will abide by all state, College, and national fraternity or sorority policies regulating the purchase, serving, and consumption of alcohol.
    2. The chapter will educate its members about the dangers of drinking and driving and the excessive consumption of alcohol.
    3. On a regular basis, the chapter will sponsor social activities that do not involve the consumption of alcohol.
    4. The chapter will discipline members who use alcohol or other drugs illegally.
  9. To adhere to the ideals of the sorority and fraternity, continually translating and applying these ideals to contemporary reality.
    1. The chapter will have a written pledge program that focuses on the history, ritual, tradition, and ideals of the organization.
    2. The chapter will have its pledge program reviewed by the appropriate College and alumni/alumnae officials to ensure that the program addresses significant issues of the day (hazing, alcohol abuse, sexism and racism, etc.) in an educational forum.
    3. The chapter will establish a post-initiation program to ensure that both old and new members understand the organization’s ritual and strive to abide by the values underlying it.
  10. To promote adherence to the Mission Statement of the College and to the College regulations outlined in the Lafayette Student Handbook.
    1. The chapter will conduct programs that promote an understanding of the Mission Statement of the College and will plan activities that are consistent with that statement.
    2. Members of fraternities and sororities, like all other students at the College, must abide by the regulations outlined in the Student Handbook.

Faculty Minutes, March 1990