skullAppendix IA. Directory and images of fraternities at Lafayette College.

Appendix IB. Directory and images of sororities at Lafayette College

Appendix II. IFC “Sample Rushing Agreement,” 1949

Appendix III. IFC “Rushing agreement,” 1960

Appendix IV. The Board of Trustees, Jan 5, 1962, “Discriminatory Practices in Living Groups”

Appendix V. The Board of Trustees, April 19, 1969, “Policy on the Selection of Members in Living Groups.”

Appendix VI. The Trustee Committee on Fraternity Houses, April 18, 1964, “Fraternity Guidelines”

Appendix VII. Office of the Dean of Students, “Implementation of the Report of the Committee to Study Fraternities,” May 31, 1974

Appendix VIII. Board of Trustees, May 31, 1974, “Policy on Continued Recognition of Fraternities”

Appendix IXA. “Mission Statement for Fraternities and Sororities,” March 1990

Appendix IXB. “Lafayette College Mission Statement, February 1990”

Appendix X. Faculty Minutes, Feb 2, 1992 “Recognition Procedures for Living Groups”

Appendix XI. Lafayette College Panhellenic Association 1996 Rush Rules

Appendix XII. Sophomore Affiliation statistics Fall 1997 and Fall 1998

Appendix XIII. A History of Greek Life at Lafayette College, 2010

Appendix XIV. Report of the Working Group on Greek Life and Campus Community, 2011

Appendix XV. Greek Life Working Group Recommendations – Implementation Grid, Spring 2013

Appendix XVI. Report of the Implementation and Assessment Group on Greek Life, 2014