My Evolving Perception of American Culture

My Evolving Perception of American Culture

My impression of America at the beginning was shaped by my experience of New York City, a bustling urban jungle that never seemed to rest. Everywhere I looked, the sky was sliced into strips by towering skyscrapers, like giant blue nets cast over the entire city. In the early hours of the morning, before dawn even broke, the gyms were already packed with people, and the cafes were overflowing with customers during the day. In this concrete jungle, people from different parts of the world spoke different languages and pursued different careers, navigating their way between busy buildings or on old, wet platforms. But despite their differences, everyone seemed to be in a hurry, constantly moving and chasing after their own stories and dreams.

This is probably what I imagined my life would be like before I came to the U.S. – I would spend my four years of college in hustle and bustle, trying to get a higher GPA and more internships. However, as I settled into my college life, I quickly realized that there was much more to my experience than just getting good grades and internships. While those things were certainly important, they were not the only things that mattered, when I first arrived to the campus. The architecture of Lafayette and Easton were a stark contrast to the urban environment that I had grown up in. The school boasted a modern library that was heavily covered in trees, and the old school buildings added to the charm of the town.

Upon my initial arrival to campus, I experienced some unease and anxiety due to my concerns about encountering high levels of pressure and competition. Nonetheless, I quickly discovered that these fears were unfounded. I was fortunate enough to meet a wonderful roommate who introduced me to local restaurants and opportunities for relaxation. Additionally, I encountered excellent instructors who not only encouraged class participation, but also provided extra study materials and guidance. Contrary to my initial expectations, the school’s competitive environment was not as intense as I had anticipated.

I came to NYC again, my initial expectations of New York were not entirely accurate, as I discovered a diverse range of activities and experiences that took place beyond the bustling city streets. People were enjoying after-work drinks in lively pubs, jogging in Central Park, and admiring the sunset from the Brooklyn Bridge. The cityscape itself was breathtaking, with the skyline illuminated against an orange-hued sky.

New York seemed to offer endless possibilities, like a never-ending epic movie with a constant flow of people coming and going. The city was full of energy and a sense of adventure, and it was clear that there was always something new and exciting to discover.









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