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Julie Schramm ’24, Editor 

Languages speaking: English & French

Bio: I’m a senior majoring in neuroscience with a minor in mathematics. I love to travel, read translated international works of fiction, and study languages. I studied French extensively in secondary school and part of college, and took a Japanese language course last semester while studying abroad in Tokyo!




Armaghan Ejaz ’25

Languages speaking: Urdu & English

Bio: I’m an International student from Pakistan double majoring in Computer Science and Economics.




Ben Gu ’24 

Languages speaking: Chinese, English, & Japanese

Bio: Hi everyone, I am Ben Gu from the Class of 2024. I am from Shanghai, China. My mother language is Mandarin, and this is my first year studying abroad so learning English is a tough way to go through. Glad to have this opportunity to post my work and show it to all of you. If you are interested in knowing Chinese culture, please do contact me, I will be glad to help.


Socheata Huot ’25

Languages speaking: Cambodian & English

Bio: My name is Socheata Huot. I am an International student From Cambodia. I belong to the class of 2025, majoring in Civil Engineering. I grew up speaking and learning Khmer as the official language in Cambodia. I first started to learn English when I was 7 years old. It was challenging for a child to start learning an entirely different language. However, there were fun and educational experiences in studying a new language. For instance, when I was able to read storybooks in English before bedtime. It was one of my proud moments when I was excited to show my parents that I could understand what they were saying in the Cartoon show.

In Middle school, I started to learn more about grammar and writing. That was when I started to get interested in western entertainment such as movies, songs, and cultures. Learning languages brought me a fascination with culture, books, and travel. It also boosted my confidence in communication to be able to understand people from different cultures and continents.


Wenjia Li ’25

Languages speaking: Chinese & English

Bio: Hey. My name is Wenjia Li. I’m a student of 2025 at Lafayette. I’m an international student from China. My major is Integrative Engineering. My first language is Chinese. English is my second language.



Hengyue Zhou ’24

Languages speaking: Chinese & English

Bio: I’m Hengyue Zhou. I’m from Beijing, China. I am a senior at Lafayette College. I mainly speak Chinese, but I learned English when I was young.