Writing Contest

To provide more notoriety and increase the number of contributors, we are holding a writing contest during March and April. The following are the submission requirements:

  1. The submission should be written in English and translated into another foreign language.
  2. The total length of the paper including both languages should be no longer than 4 pages, single-spaced, 12 font size.
  3. The submitted article should be your original work.
  4. Topics should be one of the three options:
    • Discuss one perception that you had of the U.S. or any study-abroad country and how that perception changed once immersed in that culture
    • Discuss one cultural aspect from your home country that is misunderstood by people outside your country
    • Discuss how did you contribute to the educational and social community when you studied abroad
  5. Please use the magazine’s submission form to submit your paper. The submission deadline is April 2nd.

Judges will review all the submitted articles in early April using this rubric. The first, second, and third places will be announced in mid-April.

Here are the judges for this writing contest:

  • Janine Block, Assistant Director of Intercultural Development
  • Dr. Tim H. Cox, Dean of Advising & Co-Curricular Programs
  • Emma Hetrick, Coordinator of the College Writing Program
  • Dr. Nicole Hurd, President of Lafayette College
  • Dr. Tingting Kang, Director of English for Academic Purposes Center
  • Rochelle Keesler, Director of Office of International & Off-Campus Education
  • Dr. Han Luo, Associate Professor in the Department of Languages & Literary Studies

You can contact Dr. Tingting Kang at or Armaghan Ejaz at for any questions.