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The Search for The Truth

Although JFK was set in the past and the real life event of his assassination is over the┬ámessage of this movie still applies to us today, in my belief more than ever. Yes, JFK assassination is shrouded in mystery and could have been a conspiracy; however, the message I took away from this is to search for the truth in everything and how the seemingly smallest thing can lead you to the truth. Today confusion, lies, and deception are everywhere and the real truth isn’t to easy to find. People misconstrue or manipulate something in order to show you what they believe whether they do it purposely or not. This is not to say that withholding the truth isn’t necessary sometimes, like when Obama set out to kill Bin Laden. All this movie did was make me want to find out the truth more in things and how the truth is harder to find than one would think. And that point is what I believe to be the worst part of society today, that the truth is not right in front of you. Which brings me back to my original point of this movie sending a relevant message to us today, the truth is worth searching for.

Human Infertility

The main issue with the Children of Men was the fact that almost all of the women were infertile. My issue with this is that there are other ways of having children, like a test tube baby. If this film follows real life events until 2006 then test tube babies would exist. The first test tube baby was born in 1978 so why couldn’t the world look to this as a solution? It does not require women to carry the baby, all it requires is egg and sperm. So if test tube babies existed during and before the movie takes place then why is there so much widespread disaster? Yes, there would still be struggles but the entire world would still be able to function with a smaller population, like it did in the past. If anything this would allow for population control, which may be a good thing depending upon your belief of the human race. Either way the main plot of the movie can be completely negated by the existence of test tube babies. Plus there are egg and sperm banks so the population could still continue for the 18 years of infertility.