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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

I think this film is very well done. It really demonstrates how much advertising has an impact on society and how it is everywhere we go. It is a major part of our culture. I like how Morgan was able to incorporate satire on a very important issue on America. I think everyone knows that advertising and marketing are big industries in this country and surround us everywhere we go, but I never realized how bad it is because some of the advertising is so subliminal. This film does a great job of showing how common advertising is in our every day lives.

The Hunting Ground

I thought this was a fantastic documentary that did a beautiful job of discussing a very sensitive, heavy, controversial topic. i have seen many films that are centered about the topic of rape, but none of them have spoke to me as much as this film did. I think a big reason of why this movie hit home is because these girls are my age. It makes it more personal when it’s people who are your age, doing the same things in life you’re currently doing because then it makes it personable. A movie that is personable and relatable can thoroughly impact the way the viewer interprets the film. People are more like to make a difference about a topic when they feel it is close to them. No one ever thinks they will be raped or someone they know will be raped, but after seeing this movie I think it helps people realize rape is everywhere. A friend, classmate, or someone very close to you may have been raped and has never said anything because they are scared. Overall, I think this film was incredible and did an outstanding job at indulging the viewer in a topic that needs attention.

The House I Live In

I thought this movie did a good job at providing certain statistics and facts I was unaware of, but I had a few problems with the film. In the beginning of the film, I thought it was going to be a whole movie about black men who are incarcerated and that annoyed me because it didn’t give any indication that women or white people would also be looked at later in the film. If I were watching this film on my own, I probably would’ve turned it off because the beginning made it seem like that the movie was going to be a film that supports the theory that certain races, genders, and classes of people commit these crimes. I think multiple people would feel the same way, so I think in the beginning the director should’ve given an indication that not only lower-income, black men would be looked at because it immediately turned me off from wanting to watch the rest of the film.

Miss Representation

I think, overall, this documentary was amazing and did a good job of making the viewer care about the issues females and males deal with every day due to gender. Although I found the film very touching and thought-provoking, there were some things that did not sit well with me. Every woman that was interviewed was a CEO, president, or very high up in a company. I think it is important to show that women are capable of having demanding jobs, but I felt as if women who have lower-level jobs were neglected. I think if jobs lower down on the food chain were displayed it would have brought more to the film.

Born into Brothels

I haven’t seen the whole film, but from the beginning clip we saw in class, I didn’t get a good vibe from the film. I completely agree with the people in class who felt that the author/producer didn’t really care about the issues in the film and I don’t think there was a true representation of the issues in the film. I felt Soma Girls did a better job of portraying every aspect in the film. Born into Brothels gave me a feeling of sadness, but mainly made me feel like there was nothing that could be done, at this point, to improve this situation. It seemed like a lost cause. Whereas in Soma Girls, I felt a sense of hope. The young girls are so resilient and want to make a change in their lives, so they can completely alter their lives. I think Soma Girls did a better job of portraying all emotions involved and didn’t leave the viewer with a feeling of hopelessness.

The Celluloid Closet

I thought it was very interesting how the men in this said they learned how to do their hair, makeup, dress, and behave through the women in movies. I also thought it was very interesting that one of the gay actors said that even though the way the gay community was portrayed in movies was negative, he would rather have some sort of portrayal rather than nothing.

The America Film Music

I thought it was really interesting how they talked about how the music in musicals play a vital role to help the viewer bring the two characters together. In musicals, it almost seems like the actual music plays a character. It unifies and brings two very different characters together. I don’t typically watch musicals, but in the few that I have watched I have noticed that it can start off with two different characters and shows them individually, but the music these two characters sing bring them together. It makes to seemingly opposites seem similar. I think music plays a very key role in movies and loved the explanation and examples in this article.

Bride & Prejudice

In Bride and Prejudice, I noticed that there were some signs referring to Hinduism. In the scene where all the girls are singing in the streets about how happy they are that their friends is getting married and moving to Britain, I noticed they showed a store that was named Vishnu. Vishnu is a Hindu god who is known as the preserver and is commonly seen with a halo around his finger. I thought it was interesting the director decided to show this. Vishnu is the preserver of the religion and it almost like the director was trying to say that the girl getting married to a nice European boy is preserving the Indian culture by marrying a nice, wealthy man, but she is also still staying faithful to her indigenous culture.

Battle of Algiers

In the scene where the young boy is walking down the stairs past the cop I think the director did a great job of showing how suspicious the cop was by putting the cat in the background. The boy told the police officer he was walking down to the beach, but he was really shooting the cop. The police officer asked about three times what the boy was doing and where he was going. In the background, there was a cat wandering around. Cats usually symbolize suspicion and suspense. The use of the cat really enhanced the cops suspicion of the boy trying to kill the cop, which he ended up doing.


In the opening scene, it shows Amelie doing very typical activities that a child would do. This sets up the viewer to take into consideration Amelie’s youth and innocence. Amelie is shown putting raspberries on her fingers and I remembering doing that as a child, but I would always do that with my sister. The director purposely does this to show how Amelie lives a lonely life and is forced to always do things alone because no one pays attention to her. Another thing that the director makes very apparent is how strict Amelies parents are. Amelies dad shows no love towards his young daughter which is very strange. A father usually has a very special relationship with his first child. The mom is very strict as well, but it is portrayed that she is strict because she cares. Amelie is home-schooled and when Amelie got the answer wrong her mom smacks the ruler on the table. This shows that Amelies mother is strict about her education, but parents are strict about education because they want their children to do well. It seems as if this movie will have a common theme of Amelie struggling to get her dad’s attention and approval and her mom will struggle to balance wanting the best for her daughter and being strict.