Trailers, how you get hooked

As this was touched upon in one of the presentations a few days ago, I thought it would be cool to once again touch upon just how great of an impact a trailer can have on the success of a movie. So, I thought a bit about the many movie trailers that I have seen in the past and distinctly remember two that always stood out in my mind. The first of these movies was Cloverfield. If any of you have never seen the movie, it is a rather sub-par gigantic monster flick and raked in a fair amount at the box office. However, in many ways the success it experienced at the box office may have been greatly due to how well crafted its trailer was. Very understated, the whole trailer was very simple and did not reveal much of the plot at all, however it generated interest in its audiences almost solely by the use of  a cliffhanger. I remember watching the trailer and how eager I was to watch the movie after it failed to show the giant monster whose existence was merely implied in the 1 minute and 50 second trailer. However, even though the movie offered an entertaining thrill ride, I was ultimately let down due to myself falling victim to its well crafted trailer.

On the other hand you can also have a movie like Drive, whose trailer  so poorly represented the true style of the film that I was initially repulsed by the film before I even saw it, and did not end up watching the film till a year after its release. If you have not seen Drive, it is a must see, and please, don’t judge the movie by its trailer


Here are the trailers for both movies:



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  1. I remember when Drive first came out everyone was upset at the fact that it had very little actual driving in it. And that the intense driving scenes in the trailer were not as vital to the actual plot as they were depicted to be in the . Its interesting how a trailer can have its own plot and if its not similar to the whole movies plot then people freak out. But I agree it was a good movie and perhaps if the trailer was a little different and focused on more of the love story and less of the killer like mentality of Ryan Gosling then the move may be more popular.

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