Has Hollywood Murdered the Movies?

After reading the article Has Hollywood Murdered the Movies? by David Denby, I understand his point of view and he does make some interesting points, but at the same time I do not fully agree.

Personally,  I am a frequent customer at the movie theatre because I love actually going to the movie theatre and enjoying the atmosphere created. Instead of watching a million different TV shows, I am constantly watching movie after movie. Therefore, I am to see the difference in movies throughout the years. From the black and white era to present day, not only have the graphics changed due to technological advances, but the types of actors and themes of movies have also changed. In my opinion, the themes have just changed with the time periods. For example, a favorite movie of mine, It’s a Wonderful Life is considered a classic to many.  The film’s plot deals with the effects of the Great Depression and WWII, today movies that deal with war usually have plots that deal with the current war in the Middle East. Another example is how movies like the Godfather, have villains that are gangsters and mobsters and now a common theme for villains are usually terrorists or controlling governments as seen in films like the Marvel Comic movies or the Hunger Games. Clearly, this is not about every movie, but it is a common theme in many of the blockbuster hits of the past few years.

In the article, Denby talks about how films like The Avengers and Transformers are taking away from what movies are suppose to be about and how it has just become all about “making the big bucks.” I disagree. As a huge fan of the action-adventure genre, I love seeing more types of these movies being made. And yes, they are of course the biggest grossing movies in the box office because of the actors involved and the company that is producing them. Do I think that lately there are lot of movies that deal with a future utopian society? Yes, but in each film I think the audience can find unique aspects that make them different. Instead of just wishing the film industry was something else, I think more people should be open to these new types of movies because this is yet just another era in the industry.

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