The Hunting Ground.

Astounding. I really thought the documentary intrigued the audience (in an odd way) in the beginning. It was a compelling topic that needs to be addressed in this country. For me, the worst thing I saw was the statistic: 20% of undergraduate females are sexually assaulted. That’s not okay. And the fact that institutions refuse to collect and report these incidences in their annual reports to ensure a positive reputation is disgusting. What’s worse is these women go to counselors that refute their claims, change the subject, and figure out what SHE did wrong. I heard things like, “Maybe he was stressed” and “What did you do to provoke it? What were you wearing?” How can these institutions allow this to happen?! The narrative structure of the documentary was pretty basic; but was great in filling up time with personal interviews that all connected to the horrible instances of sexual assault and rape on campus. I just hope something is done about this, and soon.

4 thoughts on “The Hunting Ground.”

  1. I agree. I also find it disgusting how often sexual assault and rape happens on our own, small campus. It is a fact that it happening here, whether or not you want to believe it. I believe that having a small campus makes it harder to report, and is emotionally damaging for the females or males who see their assailant every day. For now, I believe that supporting the person who is either raped or sexually assaulted will help them immensely.

  2. I felt the exact same way. It made me feel compelled to take action and really did a good job of putting me in someone else’s shoes thinking of what I would do in a situation like that. I was absolutely disgusted by the minimal action that colleges took especially in the case of athletes. They would let athletes finish out their season even though people were claiming they had been sexually assaulted by them. The James Winston incident is going to continue to happen to other innocent women not just from him but other people who feel that since such a high profile person can get away with something like that so can they.

  3. I completely agree with you about the beginning of the film. It was a very odd beginning and kind of creepy watching if you knew what the film was about. But, after seeing the film, I understand why they started the movie off with that. Everyone is excited when they get accepted into college and thinks they are going to have the time of their lives. I think they were very strategic in choosing how to start the film. Starting off with kids excited to go to college honestly demonstrates how no one ever thinks anything bad will happen to them in college and think that it will be four years filled with fun, unforgettable times.

  4. I was also frustrated with how administration handled it when girls reported being raped. It can sometimes take a girl awhile to get the courage up to report what happened to her, and when administration, who claims to have everyones best interest and help and guide everyone through tough times doesn’t even support you, it makes them feel horrible about themselves. It also makes me upset that they try and blame the girl based on what she was wearing her own fault she was raped. I also agree that when its a smaller campus its harder to report because everyone knows everyone.

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