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Yesterday I took the shuttle to Target and the driver opened up to me about his frustration working with the Administration at Lafayette. He elaborated on how the college tracks the shuttles and scolds them for being even a minute late when they do not always afford the drivers enough time to get to stops due to traffic. He also mentioned to me how the driver’s were not allowed to use the restroom because this would further delay the schedule. The bus company had to speak up for these simple human rights for their workers to our administration. It reminded me uncomfortably of The Hunting Ground. The hierarchy of people in the college system seems ever more clear. In The Hunting Ground, Dick highlighted how the rights of athlete students as well as fraternity members are held to a higher prestige than regular female students. In the same way, (presumably) the comfort and connivence of the students are held at a higher level than that of the workers, like this bus driver. It seems ridiculous that bathroom breaks haven’t built in for drivers that have to drive for 5+ hours. It also feels very contradictory from the goals and values of a liberal arts college.

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  1. Wow. This is very interesting. I was also very shocked by the unfairness of the administrations in colleges. It seems as if these colleges hold greek life and athletes to a different, special status compared to the average student who is not affiliated with greek life or athletics. These colleges provoke these rapists because they do not punish them. I always knew rape on college campuses was a major problem and that administration did not handle it as well as they could, but after seeing this movie I am in shock. It really seems as if they administration allows these students to get away with whatever they want purely because they are an athlete or in greek life.

  2. I liked how Kirby Dick decided to show the flaws of the administration in many schools. It was shocking how corrupt and insensitive they are to the individual/victim. He showed some teachers and professors that helped the victims but they were almost powerless. I hope that at Lafayette we as students would have more rights and focus instead of the focus being on the school and keeping it’s prestige. It shows how insensitive higher powers can be and how manipulating. Some of these victims fell and ignored their rape because of the administration and lack of help they were getting. I feel bad for them because rape is a terrible thing. They need help and to feel safe in their bodies and in their environment.
    This film opened me up to rape and shocked me. I want change and I think it starts with the administration.

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