Roger Ross Williams

It was interesting to meet Roger Ross Williams a few weeks ago. I thought what he had to say was very significant and influential to my view of independent Documentary filmmakers. I enjoyed watching previews of three of his films and listening to his own voice and journey in the making of them. He broke out of normal newscasting and being tied down by higher people and rules and went out into the world alone with a camera in his hand and not much money. I was amazed at the story of Music By Prudence. It was out of the norm and a hidden story that he told and got her unique voice out. The preview made me want to see the film. It shows the lives of disabled people in Zimbabwe. It seems like an intriguing story. I enjoyed hearing about his daily struggles and grind there. It must have been difficult but we need people like him to make film. He is unique, motivated, and has his own personal voice.  I am curious to see how his Disney film turns out about the boy with Autism. I told my friend about it who is obsessed with Disney- she has been 18 times and ran 2 half marathons there. She was surprised Disney is giving him the rights but is excited to see the film too. I like how he can show his films to audiences our age to adults and older people and get them moved.

I really enjoyed the talk with him and learning about him and his assistant who went here. I am interested in watching more independent documentaries and possibly a film minor. I think people like him who break racial barriers and bring unique thinks to cinema are a positive thing. I hope to share my voice somehow.

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  1. I agree, I had never really had an interest in documentary film until I took this class, and seeing how people like Roger Ross Williams choose the subjects of their films based off of their believes and what moves them is really interesting to me. I feel that documentaries like Music by Prudence are meant to not only raise awareness of certain conditions, but to show a side of the world that people like us never really get a chance to see. Documentaries help people see and understand what they normally wouldn’t get out of everyday social media.

  2. Before Roger Ross William’s gave his interactive lecture I never considered documentary film making as a way to change the world. My entire life I have been interested in finding a profession that not only works with people but make a difference in the world at large. By hearing about his experience in the industry and the projects he involves himself in I got an entirely new perspective on both documentary films and the act of making a documentary.

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