“Hipster Racism”


It’s all about intent right? I didn’t mean to be racist when introducing my black friend as “my black friend” and because I’m not wanting to be racist its ok to TOTALLY BE RACIST. I think the problem with vines that deal with seterotypes is that today racism is much more insidious, it lives in irony, microaggresions, and the way we use language. Now that we can’t actually say racist things, they’re coming out in irony by pretending to say racist things, which perpetuates those stereotypes and essentially makes no progress in moving towards a place where we don’t have those subconscious biases. To quote Lindy West: “People in positions of power simply cannot make jokes at the expense of the powerless.” I attached some easy read articles with videos that I think are really on point. http://jezebel.com/5905291/a-complete-guide-to-hipster-racism

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