Miss Representation vs Ted Talk


This ted talk video by Cameron Russell a model talking about how looks aren’t everything. It is a good thing to watch after Miss Representation because it tells of her being a real person instead of being photoshopped and made perfect to be shown in the media.

First, she opens wearing a skimpy cotton black dress and heels but then puts on a long skirt and sweater covering her pretty body. This transforms what we think of her and shows how she is normal just like us. It is a big statement against the media and how it portrays women-and herself. She says “image is powerful” and ‘image is superficial” which is like what the director says about media and looks in Miss Representation.

Her story about her life, modeling, and the media. She promotes beauty as being yourself and that everyone is beautiful. She hates the legacy for models and the media-white, skinny, perfect skin.¬†She promotes knowledge and leadership over modeling and other media jobs this is similar to Newsom’s want for women to be powerful and not be part of the media and be leaders. I think her ted talk goes hand in hand with Newsom’s film. ¬†There is a powerful voice behind Cameron that makes me want to look past the photos in magazines and the celebrities in media and want more for myself.

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