Persepolis: Character Progression

After watching this film, I managed to grasp onto the simplest form of character progression in a movie. Although the movie was animated, I felt that after watching the simplest of parts, character progression is hard yet easy to notice at the same time. When you can visibly see a difference in the character’s appearance or tone of voice, it is evident that they have aged. When you hear character’s change of opinion due to maturity, it’s easy to notice how they’ve grown through experience and learning. If you take those two elements out of the equation, it is harder to notice. I think it is important to look for ways the character has changed (not physically or through narration) but through dialogue and interactions with other characters. It isn’t direct but it could be important to look for. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something else in your search.

One thought on “Persepolis: Character Progression”

  1. Yes, I agree that as the movie progressed, changes in Marjane’s physical features, including her change in voice, were easy to attribute to her characters progression. Other features including her attitudes and opinions were also something that changed throughout the film. In the movie, Marjane’s rebelliousness is seen in both her childhood and her adult life. For example, as a child she wears a “Punk is not Dead” jacket over her gown before getting reprimanded. Also in her adulthood she rebels taking off her gown and acting against how she was bought up, doing drugs and having sex. While her rebelliousness stayed consistent she changed in other aspects. For example, in adulthood she became depressed, which changed from the hopefulness and playfulness that she had as a child.

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