Animation continuing Child-like Helplessness

We often associate animation with child content, which is why this very serious topic seemed to clash with the presentation style – until further examined. A lot of the themes covered in the film like war, isolation, being uprooted from your home country and being put somewhere where you don’t belong can make individuals feel as if they are helpless, almost like children. Portraying this story through animation helped convey this sense of helplessness, where the world doesn’t even abide by the laws of physics and literally anything can happen.

2 thoughts on “Animation continuing Child-like Helplessness”

  1. Yes, I thought the way this movie was constructed was very interesting. I thought they did a good job taking complex and depressing topics such as war, heartbreak, and isolation and transforming it into something simple and humorous. During the movie I was not expecting it to be so graphic since it was a cartoon, but I thought it was brilliant to tell the story in this way. With a cartoon they were also able to exaggerate emotions and thoughts in a better way than they could ofby using real actors.

  2. I agree with the comments above. Even though the book is like a comic strip, I believe that using animation was the best decision for this film. I think if the film was not animated then it would be too graphic to the point where audiences might feel sick to their stomach while viewing the film filled with death, isolation, and depression. Although this is a true story, the animation gives the viewer the right amount of emotion.

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