Long/Tracking Shots In Other Media (True Detective)


WARNING: Potential spoilers in video (not really, but I figured I might as well warn you just in case).

The tracking shots seen in Children of Men were brilliantly choreographed and they reminded me of a similar tracking shot in True Detective, a police drama that debuted last year on HBO. Most of you have probably heard of it, but the show follows two detectives (Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson) in Louisiana as they try to track down a serial killer with a fetish for the macabre and odd-ritualistic sacrifice. It was up for a series of awards, and if you haven’t seen it, you should definitely check it out.

That being said, sorry for any potential spoilers. The tracking shot is seen at the end of the fourth episode, “Who Goes There” and follows Matthew McConaughey as a sting operation gets out of control. It doesn’t give too many plot details away, but it is definitely a huge turning point in the style of the show. The choreography may not be as impressive as Children of Men, but it is definitely well-crafted and the amount of action taking place in the background is astonishing. I think it is at least work a comparison.


Note: There’s quite a bit of expletives and violence in this scene, a small warning for the faint of heart.

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