Series IX. Additions

Series IX, Additions (ca. 1920s-2008), contains assorted Dixie product samples, photographs, advertisements, memorabilia, and other materials given by former Dixie employees and other individuals. Dixie employee donations include: Donald Greek, an executive in the sales/promotion department at Dixie/American Can; John Rush, senior design engineer, Dixie/American Can; William Moore, principal engineer for Dixie Cup; M. Harper McGee, sales/Dixie Cup/Marathon; Alfred Lockard, sales/Dixie Cup; Myron A. Rinehardt, sales/Dixie Cup; Paul Stitt, art department/Dixie Cup; Gerald E. Beatty, sales/Dixie Cup and editor/publisher of The Dixie Old Timers newsletter from March 2004 to December 2010. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the Dixie Cup (1908-2008), Georgia-Pacific (Dixie is now a product division of Georgia-Pacific) donated paper products, brochures, advertisements, and a 100th anniversary pennant. Charles Dawson, grandson of Cecile Dawson, donated a digital copy of an original Dixie ice cream promotional film from the early 1920s. Included in the series is a recent purchase of Phoebe Snow paper cups from the Lackawanna Railroad.