Appendix B. Selected List of Correspondents

Barbieri, Cesare – born in Bologna Italy-emigrated to U.S. (1905) Inventor, mechanical engineer, and philanthropist; Worked as an early advisor, beginning in 1914, to the Vortex Co. in Chicago; continued as a consulting engineer to the Dixie-Vortex company after merger; designed first cone-shaped cup machinery and 1st double-wrapped, heavy-duty hot-drink and container cup machinery; Founder of Cesare Barbieri Endowment to promote American culture abroad, and to restore the University of Bologna. Willed his considerable estate in trust for needy Dixie employees. He died on May 26, 1956 at age 78.

Bergman, Walter – manager, Lily-Tulip Corporation.

Berk, Mark – 1918 – salesman.

Butler, J.M. – 1924 – credit manager.

Carew, Herman – 1911 – Research/Engineering – developed many of the early dispensers in the vending machine industry.

Catlin, J. Drew – 1929 – hired to direct Sales & Promotion department; in mid 1930s became director of newly organized Advertising & Public Relations department – the succeeding Advertising and Sales Promotion department-became a department of the Sales – then Marketing Division.

Crumbine, Samuel – (born in 1862 in Pennsylvania) In 1885, became pharmacist in Dodge City, Kansas; 1889 became member of Kansas State Board of Health; led campaign against common cup; Wrote Frontier Doctor in 1948.

Cullen, John – 1918 – salesman.

Curtin, David F. – in 1912 helped develop the original cone-shaped cup; tested demand around country and found it favorable. He was employed by Peter T. and William G. Potts in Chicago, proprietors of the Vortex Company, who began to develop the cup machinery in 1913, and began shipment in 1914.

Cuskey, J.V. – sales manager.

Davison, Alvin – Lafayette professor (Biology) 1894-1915.

Dawson, Cecil F. – 1914 became salesman for Dixie; was instrumental in improving paper used in manufacturing of paper cups; developed Ice Cream Dixie in 1923 and the concept of franchising it; vice-president (1936-1947); president (1947-1953); chairman of board (1955-1957); continued as a consultant, and named to Board of American Can Co.

Delehanty, Anne – 1913 – production staff.

Dick, Robert E. – Chemical Research department.

Doehler, Herman – manufactured first steel vending machines

Dufour, Germaine – 1919 – production staff.

Dunn, Clifford E. – attorney for Dixie – joined the firm of Briesen and Knauth at the turn of the century, worked independently for some time – and finally joined and became partner in Duell, Dunn & Anderson of New York.

Fairer, M.L. – employment manager.

Farmer, Luke W. – treasurer and general manager of the American Water Supply Co. of New England.

Fenner, Robert C. – Vortex Company president; president, Dixie-Vortex Company (1936-1938).

Flint, A.M. – Eastern sales manager; Consumer Products Division.

Fox & Fox – Easton law firm – James, president, Easton Trust Co. which gave Moore first mortgage for Easton plant; and Edward (son)-Lafayette graduate.

Geever, John – traffic manager.

Genne’, William – worked for Vortex Co. in sales and marketing; National sales manager; eventually sales (Marketing) director; vice-president; board of directors.

Glenn, Joseph W. – 1919-salesman.

Graham, Samuel Junkins – 1910 – director; vice-president.

Graham, William T. (NY) – president of American Can Co. in 1909, responsible for first investment in Dixie.

Grant, E. Stanley – 1920(2?) Lafayette professor; economics & planning; Market Research department.

Hay, Thomas – Lafayette graduate – Secretary of the Board of Trade, Easton, PA.

Haskins & Sells – CPA

Hicks & Griest – one of Dixie’s ad agencies (Harry Hicks)

Hill, Howard – Lafayette graduate – worked for Dixie as summer job and came to work for Dixie in 1934 in Sales Inspection department, then customer service manager; In 1934 he became director of, and reorganized the Market Research department – which eventually became the Marketing Development department.

Jones, Harry L. – 1923 – Western sales manager; Retail Container Division; National sales manager.

Kearney, B.J. – Manufacturing; Expansion Program; Quality department.

Kirk, E. Russell – Started with the Vortex company in 1921; as office credit manager; in 1922 advertising manager; in 1923 general manager; 1929 assistant treasurer; 1930 assistant secretary; after merger in 1937 became secretary and assistant treasurer.

Kuebler, Joseph W. – Lafayette graduate-In 1933 started as full-time inspector; worked as assistant in Personnel for Van Schaick; became Easton personnel manager in 1937, and superintendent in 1942; general works manager, 1949; assigned to Canada in 1950; production vice-president, 1951; head of Development Division; vice-president of the Dixie Cup Division of American Can Company.

Lillicrapp, Arthur R. – 1911 – joined Dixie as chief clerk, office manager, credit manager, assistant treasurer, treasurer in 1919; also oversaw railroad and export sales; vice-president of Dixie’s Canadian subsidiary.

Lipsett, Floris – Sales Promotion department.

Long, Hilda – editor, Dixie News until 1956(?)

Lundgren, Frederick C.E. – assistant secretary.

Manton, Martin T. – Second Circuit Court of Appeals Judge (New York); on appeal ruled in favor of Lily-Tulip in 1938.

Marston, Edgar L. – investor.

McClure, Ralph – 1930-salesman.

McGiffert, Julian E. – 1932(3?)-joined Dixie as director of Sales; vice- president of Eastern operations (1936-1942), member of Board in 1936; president (1943-1946).

McNally – Engineering – Art department.

Millard, Henry (Chicago) – William’s brother.

Millard, William (NYC)B> – Early acquaintance of Luellen

Moore, Craig – 1939 started selling water cups in summer; 1945 Waste Control; Dixie Quality standards in Market Research Dept.; Easton territory sales manager; Middle Atlantic regional manager; director of the Commercial Products Dept. of the Sales, the Marketing Division; became a board member on February 1, 1955; Vice-president of Dixie Cup Div. of American Can Co.; vice-president American Can Co.; became director of German subsidiary Dixie Marathon Verpackungen GMBH in 1966.

Morehouse, Harvey – 1919 – salesman.

Nias, Henry A. – president, Lily-Tulip Cup Corporation.

Nolan, Arthur J. – 1935 – Market Research & Development department; developed coffee machine dispensers; in 1938 moved to Sales to assist McGiffert; in 1941 became head of Development Department.

Oglesby, R.G. – 1917 – salesman.

Pine, Dean – resident attorney, married to Moore’s widow.

Powers, Thomas – born in Phillipsburg – came to Dixie in 1921; went into Sales and eventually managed D.C. territory.

Roe, Otis – 1925 – assistant purchasing agent; general manager, Manufacturing department.

Rogers, Granville – Executive Director, Cup & Container Institute

Rosenstrater, Bill – assistant credit manager.

Sawyer, A.R. – district manager.

Sawyer, Samuel M. – 1923 – Franchise Sales – Sales Manager – Food Container & Drink Vending.

Schindler, Alfred – owned the Dixie Doll Company in New York.

Schwartz, H.J. – 1921-Pacific Sales-All Products-sales manager.

Smith, Al – sales manager.

Smith, Frank C. – vice-president. (1936-1937).

Stitt, Jim – 1947 – as assistant to Advertising and Public and Personnel Relations manager; sales promotion manager,1951; advertising manager, 1954.

Stolk, William – president, American Can Company at time of merger in 1957.

Stone, Harry – 1917 – engineer genius in machine design-see Wessman

Soulis, Wilbur T. – 1911 – general plant superintendent (Easton) of production; Chicago development-1940s.

Stone, Harry A. – Manufacturing-Engineering-Experimental Machine Design.

Stucke, G. – Canadian Sales.

Sullivan, Charlie – 1930 – National sales manager-beverage cups – Homeline.

Sullivan, Margaret – Hugh Moore’s secretary – a native of Easton, came to Dixie on April 29, 1921, as a stenographer to Hugh Moore, Cecil Dawson, and Wessman; soon became Moore’s full-time secretary. After Moore’s retirement in 1957 she continued to work on his affairs in his office at the plant. Moore reimbursed the company for her work. Sullivan retired in October 1964.

Taylor, John B. – 1923 – accountant.

Van Schaick, Clarence L. – began as paper technologist; worked in manufacturing, personnel; become executive vice-president; president (1954-1957); named general manager of Dixie Division after merger in 1957; executive vice-president at American Can Co.

Walter, George T. – 1911 – began as stenographer in New York plant and moved up to became shipping foreman and director of Purchasing.

Ware, John – Market Research Department.

Weckerly, Howard R. – secretary and treasurer of Dixie Cup Company; senior vice- president at American Can Co. in 1968.

Edwin G. Wessman -1910 – Manufacturing – Engineering – chief production man; co-designed with Harry Stone first automatic machine, the `Bluebird’ – developed first vending machine to dispense a 5oz. cup of water for a penny-vendor made of cast iron-then steel.

Westphal, Henry E. – 1919 – worked in manufacturing, quality inspection; planning department.

Winne, Edgar – 1923 – began as paper technologist out of Syracuse – advanced through a variety of production and purchasing/procurement positions-retired in 1962 as vice-president and director of purchasing. Also worked in manufacturing and quality department.