Appendix D. Dixie Plants

1910-1911 New York City
118th East 16th Street
1911-1920 220 West 19th Street
1921 Easton, Pennsylvania
(First addition by 1926, 11 subsequent additions)
1927 Toronto, CANADA
1936 Chicago, Illinois
(4 additions and in 1958 served as warehouse and Sales & Customer Service headquarters)
1938 Darlington, South Carolina
(additions in 1947, 1954, 1955, 1957, and 1958)
1946 Acquired C.H. Cowdrey Machine Works
(established in 1875) plant and certain assets,and which had been making Dixie cup machinery since 1919; the company would be callled: Dixie-Cowdrey Machine Corp. as a wholly owned subsidiary; in 1955 it relocated to a less urban section of Fitchburg, Massachusetts
 1947 Fort Smith, Arkansas (additions in 1952, 1955, 1958)
 1949 Brampton, Ontario CANADA (additions in 1952 and 1958)
 1952 Anaheim, California (additions in 1956 and 1958)
 1957 Acquired Kleen Products Division of the Modena Paper Mills, North Wales, Pennsylvania (founded in 1922); became subsidiary of the Dixie Cup Co.(April 28), Kleen Products Inc.; and then of CANCO Dixie Div. Initially it added about 50 workers.
It gave Dixie a line of paper and foil plates, and utensils.
 1958 Lexington, Kentucky (with Dixie cup water tower)