Series IX. Films: ca. 1929-2001

SERIES IX. Films and Videotapes: ca. 1929 – 2001 (2 record boxes; 2 linear feet) contains 16mm films, VCR tapes, and DVD and Digibeta copies.  VCR tapes No. 1 and 2 were donated in 2001 after the bulk of the Howard Chandler Christy Papers was already received from the Conneens.   Holly Chandler Longuski donated VCR tape No. 1, which was produced from original 16mm films taken by her parents, Howard Chandler Christy and Elise Ford.  The original home movies remain in her possession, as well and an additional copy on VCR tape.  Helen Copley provided Skillman Library with VCR tape No. 2, which is a copy of her taping of the Christy marker dedication in Morgan County, Ohio, in May of 2001.