My research has covered a rather wide range of topics. Two broad categories are (1) hydrology & hydraulics and (2) movement ecology of raptors. The links between these seemingly very different areas are that they both involve fluid flows and they both include complex topography as an important driver. Much of my research with students is curiosity-driven, and I enjoy working with colleagues outside engineering. For example, recently Mike Butler (Biology) and I worked on the problem of windows and bird collisions on our campus, and Dru Germanoski (Geol & Env Sci) and I are co-leading a long-term project on the dynamics of Bushkill Creek before, during, and after dam removal.

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3rd Street at the foot of College Hill during the "pumpkin flood" of 1903.

3rd Street at the foot of College Hill during the “pumpkin flood” of 1903.

Youtube video of 3rd Street flooding after Diane, Aug 1955 (see 4:20 – 5:20)