I have taught quite a variety of courses in my 20+ years at Lafayette:
ES 101 Intro to Engineering (F – not lately)
CE 201 CE Computing (irregular)
CE 203 Envisioning a Sustainability World (S)
CE 251 Fluid Mechanics (F)
CE 321 Intro to Environmental Eng & Science- I fill in for Prof. Kney (F)
CE 351 Water Resources Engineering – shared with Prof Kelleher (S)
CE 421 Hydrology (F)
CE 475 Capstone Design (S)
CM 261/CE 396 Numerical and Computer Methods in Engineering (irregular)
EVST 254 Cultures of Nature (not lately)
EVST 400 Capstone (S – not lately)
ES 303 Environment and Energy Systems Engineering (S)
FYS 032 What is a River? (just once)

You learn best by doing things – think about working a computer, or a camera, or driving a car. Similarly, you don’t become a good at something just by going to class or reading about it, you must solve problems, conduct experiments, go to the field and get wet and muddy, and not be afraid to strike out on your own (not too difficult in the age of Google) in pursuit of your ideas. You’ll struggle with real-world questions and open-ended projects – this is normal. I won’t know all the answers – how interesting would science and engineering be if we already knew all the answers? So expect my classes to include these things, maybe a bit, maybe a lot!

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn – often attributed to Ben Franklin, but of unknown origin

Never let your schooling interfere with your education – Mark Twain (paraphrased slightly)