Situation in Japan

Dear Lafayette Campus Community:

On March 11, Japan’s northeast coast was devastated by a tsunami accompanied by a series of earthquakes. Over a thousand are presumed dead and many more homeless. Reconstruction and rescue efforts, as well as the work of restoring Japan’s transportation, communication, and power grids, are going to be expensive and difficult. If members of the campus community would like to make contributions to help the Japanese, we know that such generosity would be greatly appreciated.

The Red Cross

the Japan Society


are all reputable organizations that will deliver aid where it is needed.

Thanks for your time and attention,

The Lafayette College Asian Studies Advisory Committee and Teaching Faculty

Allison Alexy
Paul Barclay
Ingrid Furniss
Naoko Ikegami
Seo-hyun Park
Robin Rinehart
Asma Sayeed
David Stifel
Larry Stockton
Li Yang

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