IT LAB research is directly translated into Dr. Mitchell’s classrooms. She designs a cancer-focused course-based undergraduate research experience, or cancer CURE, for each class she teaches. Recently, Dr Mitchell’s teaching was featured in the December 2018 edition of the Lafayette Teaching Excellence e-newsletter.


Lafayette College
Molecular Genetics (Fall 2018, Fall 2019) Molecular Genetics Syllabus
Precision Medicine
(Fall 2017, Spring 2018) Precision Medicine Syllabus


In the past, she has taught at:
NIH FAES Graduate School
Precision Medicine (Spring 2017)
Personalized Medicine
(Spring 2015, Spring 2016)
George Washington University
Health Care Safety (Summer 2016-Summer 2017)
Johns Hopkins University
University Teaching 101 (Spring 2014, Spring 2015)
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Genetics Lab (Spring 2010)
Duquesne University
Microbiology Lab-Nursing & PA Majors (Spring 2006)
General Biology Lab II
(Spring 2005)
General Biology Lab I
(Fall 2004, Fall 2005)


And designed curriculum for:
Baltimore City Public Schools
Health Sciences Curriculum (2013)
Research & Ethics in Healthcare Curriculum
Junior Research Scholars, Inc.
Saturday Academy (2008-2014)