Cancer Health Disparities in Pennsylvania

Dr. Mitchell serves as an advisor to the Pennsylvania Department of Health Office of Health Equity in its work to increase public awareness of cancer health disparities and disseminate initiatives throughout the state of Pennsylvania.


She is a member of the Pennsylvania Cancer Coalition (formerly called the Stakeholder Leadership Team), which assists the state Cancer Advisory Board with updating the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan. Check here for the current 2013-2018 plan and to learn more about cancer statistics throughout the state.


She is an invited expert of the  Pennsylvania Cancer Coalition Genetics and Genomics Committee, which will release the inaugural Cancer Genetics and Genomics Report alongside the 2019-2024 version of the Pennsylvania Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan.


Cancer Health Disparities in the United States

Dr. Mitchell is an elected member of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Health Equity Council . She works to inform and strengthen programs, practices, policies and services that contribute to achieving better health for all within Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia by eliminating health disparities, addressing the determinants of health, and stimulating communities to empower themselves.