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13.  The Most Meaningful Gifts (12/10/2018)

12.  Lafayette CITLS Teaching Excellence Newsletter Feature (12/6/2018)

11.  Express Times Turkeys and Trophies (11/17/2018)

10.  Lehigh Valley Live (11/13/2018)

9.  Lafayette College STEM Stars (11/5/2018)

8.  Lafayette College News (7/26/2018).

Amy reflects on her work and giving a national research talk at NCUR 2018.

7.  Lafayette College News (7/23/2018).

Amy, Allison, and Lysa shared their research discoveries on the national stage at NCUR 2018.

Our Students Share Their Research Discoveries

6.  Cancer Today Feature (6/22/2018)

5.  National Cancer Institutes Cancer Currents Blog (1/23/2018)

4.  Lafayette College Faculty Travels (1/8-11/2018)

3.  American Association for the Advancement of Science EurekAlert! Science News (12/1/2017)

2.  Science Daily (12/1/2017)

1.  Lafayette College News (9/10/2017)













1.  Dr. Ned Sharpless, Director of the National Cancer Institute (1/31/2018)



4.  Young Women in the Spotlight Interview (8/24/2018)

Jackie speaks about Dr. Mitchell’s mentorship and how to keep girls and women in science.

3.  PBS39 News (8/24/2018)

Tina is an IT LAB Alumna and bone cancer survivor. Watch the story below to see Tina and Dr. Mitchell speak about her comeback from cancer and IT LAB research on parosteal osteosarcoma.

2.  Lafayette College News (9/10/2017)

Dr. Mitchell shares why she’s excited to work at Lafayette!

1. Rock Your Block (4/1/2015)

Dr. Mitchell shares how to help students that are interested in STEM to have a seat at the table, despite their obstacles.