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     Discussions are each Sunday from 6:00-8:00pm. Dinner is provided by the program and discussions are open to faculty and students of Lafayette. We have had a wide range of topics that vary week to week, touching on the sciences, arts, humanities, and more.

     Curious to see what is scheduled for our next discussion? Check out our upcoming and previous discussion topics here.

House Events:Taken from the Lafayette College Flickr Douglas Kilpatrick / Zovko Photographic llc May 5, 2014

     The McKelvy House sponsors many events for the Lafayette community. We run several events every semester of varying size and scale. Some past events include Halloween and Holiday parties, service projects, and community barbecues. We also cosponsor events with different clubs, departments, and other living groups.


Looking to stay up to date with our events? We have some resources for you! Keep up to date with our Facebook Page, events calendar, and check back weekly for posts from our members!

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