Visualization Resources

Both my research and teaching has emphasized the importance of and best practices for data visualization.

Publications on effective visualization in reports and scientific presentations:

Kelleher et al., 2010 – Ten guidelines for effective data visualization in scientific publications

Kelleher and Braswell, 2021 – Recommendations for approaching scientific visualization with large environmental datasets

Are you planning to teach about data visualization in your courses or professional development seminars? Please feel free to use any of the resources below.

A recent presentation aimed at graduate students (Apr ’23) – link

A recent presentation aimed at an undergraduate audience (Aug ’22) – link


Presentations, publications, and resources created by others:

Designing Effective Scientific Figures – link

For inspiration when selecting a chart to use:

The Graphic Continuum (by Schwabish and Ribecca) – Featured in the Information is Beautiful Awards

The Visual Vocabulary – Interactive and Static