Lab Members

Current Lab Group Members:

Nicco Jacimovic, CEE ’24 (Excel Researcher, Independent Study, Honors Thesis) | Nicco comes to Lafayette from San Francisco. As an Excel Scholar, Niccoinvestigated how stream restoration structures may alter evapotranspiration (ie., the loss of water from the land surface to the atmosphere). Nicco is currently pursuing his honors thesis quantifying heat pulses in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Julianna Huba, GEO ’24 (Excel Researcher) | Julie hails from upstate New York. As an Excel Scholar, Julie has been applying her expertise to analyze the geospatial impacts of beaver dam analogues at our Red Canyon Creek, WY field site.

Lab Group Members in Action:

John Rybnik, CEE ’23 (Clare Booth Luce Scholar, Honors Thesis) | As a Clare Booth Luce Ally Scholar and as part of his Honors Thesis, John researched the impacts of impervious surfaces and development on streamflow, with responses quantified as hydrologic signatures. John is now pursuing his MS at Villanova University.


Haley Pursel, CEE ’23 (Excel Researcher, Independent Study) | Haley worked on two separate projects during her time at Lafayette, researching how form and function may be related for beaver dam analogues (a unique stream restoration structure being used at our field site in Lander, Wyoming), and an independent study focused on trend analysis of daily stream temperature datasets.


Lab Members from Lafayette College:

Van Va (CEE ’24), Excel Scholar – Summer 2023

Socheata Huot (CEE ’25), Bergh Scholar – Summer 2023

Anna Rosenblum (CEE ’25), Bergh Scholar, Summer 2023

John Rybnik (CEE ’23), Clare Booth Luce Ally Scholar, Honors Thesis (link), now pursuing MS at Villanova University

Rachel Hurley (IntE ’23), Excel Scholar, now pursuing a PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Haley Pursel (CEE ’23), Clare Booth Luce Scholar, Independent Study, now in Consulting (IMEG)


MS and PhD Lab Group Members from Syracuse University:

Jeff Wade (PhD), now at JPL (link to Dissertation)

Ruta Basijokaite (PhD), now at Syracuse University (link to Dissertation)

Yngrid Pereira Marques (MS), now at Langan Engineering (link to MS Thesis)

Lucie Worthen (MS), now at Arcadis (link to MS Thesis)

Riley Sessanna (MS), now at McMahon and Mann Consulting (link to MS Thesis)

Sam Caldwell (MS), now at USGS (link to MS Thesis)

Karyn Ehmann (MS), now at CHA Consulting

Interested in Joining the Lab?

Students interested in pursuing research projects are always welcome to contact me at my email address to learn more about ongoing work in the lab.

I recognize that each student may have different interests, and therefore work with you to identify the types of experiences you hope to gain and the tools and expertise you’d like to build.  Research projects may involve:

  • Learning to code
  • Working with geospatial software
  • Outdoor field work
  • Synthesizing information across multiple research articles or publicly available databases

Be in touch if you are interested to learn more!