In the News

March 2023 – A geologic exploration of New Zealand’s Dynamic Landscape – Link to Article

I was glad to be able to join Professors Germanoski and Carley (and 21 Lafayette students!) on an interim trip to New Zealand. It was an incredible experience to see such a range of landscapes – volcanos, glaciers, hot springs, braided rivers – in such a small area, and to talk geologic processes with Lafayette students.

June 2022 – Connected Classrooms helps elementary students answer life’s big questions, Lafayette News – Link to Article

April 2022 – Allentown climate change leading to heavier rainfall extremes, The Morning Call – Link to Article

“The real challenge is that we have designed our infrastructure for the climate of the past, not the climate of the future. This puts even more strain on our aged infrastructure.”

March 2022 – The most expansive drought in 10 years is creeping across the country, The Morning Call – Link to Article

March 2021, 7 Scientists who Defied the Odds and Changed Science Forever, Newsweek – Link to Article

November 2020, Christa Kelleher ’08 Receives National Hydrogeology Award, Lafayette News – Link to Article