2023-2024 Executive Board & 2022-2023 Yearly Recap

The General Body has elected the 2023-2024 Exec Board positions. Congratulations to the following individuals on their incoming roles!

Co-Presidents: Alex Hunter and Spencer Thomas
Vice President: Aykut Ugurlar
Treasurer: Henry Nicosia
Head Analyst: Julia Daly
Healthcare: Grace Boghosian
Industrials: John Blazakis
Energy: Evan O’Connell
TMT: Hank Skatoff
ESG Risk: Elena Duffy
Financials: Maximilian Oeser
Consumer Spending: Timothy Jimenez
Public Relations Manager: Paraskevi Briegel

The 2022-2023 yearly return was just shy of $20,000. We want to thank the 2022-2023 Exec Board for a great year, and are looking forward to the fall!