Graphic Design


As a quick and enthusiastic learner, I am continuously seeking new opportunities to challenge myself and expand my skill set. Through my internships at Rodale Institute and ArtsQuest, as well as my role as Design Director of The Lafayette student newspaper, I’ve become proficient using graphic design platforms such as Adobe InDesign, Canva and Piktochart. A perfectionist by nature, I am well-suited to the meticulous process of creating attractive designs.

Below are some examples of various designs that I’ve created.



I created this graphic for a major sponsorship event at Rodale Institute.



I created this graphic and shared it on Rodale Institute’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to advertise Field Day, an event that attracts people from all over the country every year.


I designed this front page for a recent issue of The Lafayette, the oldest school newspaper in Pennsylvania.



This is one of seven media kits that I designed as a part of my work expanding ArtsQuest’s Influencer Program.