Stammtisch and Kaffeestunde

Kaffeestunde (coffee hour) is a great opportunity for German students to come practice their speaking skills. On Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6 Professor Keister hosts a series of games and activities designed to stimulate the use of new grammar and vocabulary that she has covered in her introductory and intermediate courses. Upper level students are able to help out and engage themselves in discussions with Professor Keister about German culture, politics, etc. Coffee, tea, and freshly baked German pastries are all provided.

Stammtisch takes place once a week during lunch time (12-1) in Gilbert’s and it is a time for all students and professors of German to enjoy lunch and speak German together. The topics of conversations can range from what’s happening at Lafayette to anything about life in Deutschland. Moreover, all competency levels are accommodated by the students and professors.

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