Looking back at my four years of high school: cultural absorption

Transitioning from the bustling high schools of China to the tranquil campuses of suburban America, my educational journey was not just a geographical leap but a deep dive into cultural exploration. With curiosity about American education and culture, I embarked on this journey. My experiences profoundly reflected the differences between the Chinese and American education systems, offering me a comprehensive understanding of both cultures.


In China, high school life revolves almost entirely around exam-oriented education. The rigorous schedule from dawn to dusk left me little time to ponder personal interests or future directions. However, in the U.S., I discovered that education concerns more than just academic achievements. Schools here encourage student participation in various extracurricular activities, the development of personal interests, and the cultivation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


From my perspective, the teacher-student relationship in China is more formal, whereas in the U.S., it is closer and more open. In America, I could address teachers by their first names and discuss topics beyond academics, which felt novel to me. This open communication style made me feel more respected and confident in expressing my views.


The Chinese approach to learning often emphasizes memorization and repetitive practice. My experience in the U.S. taught me that there’s a greater emphasis on understanding and applying knowledge. American teachers encourage learning through projects and group discussions, and this interactive learning approach significantly boosted my enthusiasm for learning. I learned to think independently and collaborate with others to solve problems.


My studies and life in the U.S. not only improved my English proficiency but more importantly, taught me how to view issues from different perspectives and find my place in a multicultural environment. This experience taught me that true education transcends the transmission of knowledge; it is about understanding the world and discovering oneself.






从繁忙的中国城市高中,到宁静的美国郊区学校,我的学习之旅不仅是地理上的跨越,更是 文化的深度探索。我带着对美国教育和文化的好奇,踏上了这段旅程。我的经历让我深刻体 会到了中美教育系统之间的差异,也让我对两国的文化有了更加全面的理解。

在中国,高中生的生活几乎完全围绕着应试教育。学校从早到晚的紧张课程,让我几乎没有 时间去思考个人的兴趣和未来的方向。然而,在美国,我发现教育不仅仅关注学术成绩。这 里的学校鼓励学生参与各种课外活动,发展个人兴趣,培养批判性思维和解决问题的能力。

在我看来,中国的师生关系更加正式,而美国的师生关系则更为亲密和开放。在美国,我可 以直接称呼老师的名字,与他们讨论学习之外的话题,这让我感到非常新奇。这种开放的沟 通方式让我感觉更被尊重,也更有信心表达自己的观点。

中国的学习方式往往侧重于记忆和重复练习,而我在美国学习的经历告诉我,这里更重视 理解和应用知识。美国老师鼓励学生通过项目和小组讨论来学习,这种互动式的学习方式 让我对学习的热情大增。我学会了如何独立思考,如何与他人合作解决问题。

通过在美国的学习和生活,我不仅提高了我的英语水平,更重要的是,我学会了如何从不同 的角度来看待问题,如何在多元文化的环境中找到自己的位置。这段经历教会了我,真正的 教育不仅仅是知识的传授,更是对世界的理解和对自我的发现。


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