National Council for Undergraduate Research

2017: Advisor for Andrew Wargofchik, presenting “The Visegrad Curtain? Central Europe’s Response to the Migration Crisis”

2016: Advisor for Jeffrey Wheeler, presenting “The Fall of Yugoslavia and the Rise of Milošević: The Unintended Consequences of Western Intervention”

2015: Advisor for
– Audrey DaDalt, presenting: "The Development of Indigenous Rights in Brazil and the United States: From Rhetorical Appeals to Genuine Political Goals" NCUR abstract
– Anda Totoreanu, presenting “Romania’s Integration in the EU: Debates on Freedom of Movement” NCUR abstract

2014: Advisor for
– Josh Feinberg, presenting: “The Foreign Policy of Contemporary Russia: How Did Cold War Diplomacy Transpire to Perturbing Alignment with Syria?”
– Lauren Matturri, presenting: “An International Civil War: How Did Diamonds in Sierra Leone Play a Central Role in Creating and Maintaining Armed Conflict?”

2013: Advisor for Paul Hadzewycz, presenting “Is Georgia “European”? An Analysis of Integration Efforts”

2010: Advisor for Cara Sullivan, presenting “The Path of Political Transition in Tajikistan:How Did the Unique Interaction of Post-Soviet Conditions Produce Unexpected Results?”

2009: Advisor for Katherine Milot, presenting “Improving the Condition of the Roma in Romania and Slovakia: What Makes Government Policy Effective

2008: Advisor for Brendan Meighan, presenting “The Transformational Effects of NGOs on Conflict: The Cases of Kosovo and Transnistria”

2007: Advisor for Matthew Gyory, presenting “The Internal Migration Policy of the European Union: An Escape from the Past?”

2006: Advisor for Mila Tzolova, presenting “The Eastern Enlargement of The European Union – Costs And Benefits To The Old And New Member States”

2005: Advisor for Richard Lear, presenting “The Rwandan Conflict and Its Resolution”

2004: Advisor for Miina Oks, presenting on The Expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to the Baltics”

2003: Advisor for Sarah Stanlick, Presenting Research on Nuclear Energy Regulation

2003: Advisor for Doug Burke, presenting on “The Use of Politics in Soviet Sports”

2003: Advisor Jonathan Cohn, presenting on “Women’s Changing Position in Post-Communist Poland and Hungary”

2002: Advisor for Chantal Pasquarello, presenting on “Albanian Immigrants to Italy: Politics of Immigration”

2002: Advisor for Kate Cimino, presenting on “AIDS prevention programs in Uganda and Thailand”

2001: Advisor for Susan Antonioni and Matthew Parrott, presenting on “Roma exclusion in Central Europe”