Honors Theses


Audrey DaDalt’15
The Development of Indigenous Rights in Brazil and the United States: From Rhetorical Appeals to Genuine Political Goals (scholar spotlight)

Anda Totoreanu’15
Romania’s Integration in the EU: Debates on Freedom of Movement

Joshua Feinberg’14
The Foreign Policy of Contemporary Russia: How Did Cold War Diplomacy Transpire to a Perturbing Alliance with Syria?” (NCUR abstract here)

Paul Hadzewycz’13
Is Georgia “European”? An Analysis of Integration Efforts

Cara Sullivan ’11
Tajikistan’s Process of Democratization: A Case Study of Post-Soviet Transition

Eva Neykova ’10
The European Union’s Regional Policy: Lessons from the Mediterranean Expansion

Ivan Dimitrov ’10
Critical Geopolitics of the Black Sea Region: 1989-2009

Sara Bussiere ’09
Great Britain as a Changing Nation State and its Precarious Relationship with the European Union

Katherine Milot ’09
Improving the Condition of the Roma in Romania and Slovakia: What Makes Government Policy Effective?

Lisa van Batavia ’08
The Role of Resource Scarcity in Violent Conflict: The Cases of Darfur and Sierra Leone
News item: Conflict Resolution on a Global Scale

Brendan Meighan ’08
The Transformational Effects of Nongovernmental Organizations on Conflict: The Case of Kosovo and Transnistria

Matthew Gyory ’07
Internal Migration Policy of the European Union: An Escape from the Past?
News item: Mathew Gyory ’07 Studies Internal Migration in European Union

Mila Tzolova ’06
The Eastern Enlargement of the European Union: The Challenges to the Common Agricultural Policy (NCUR abstract here).

Benjamin Hauser ’06
Turkey and the European Union: Political, Economic, and Social Factors for Accession

Sarah Gregory ’04
An Examination of the Controversy Surrounding the Benes Decrees and the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans

Miina Oks ’04
NATO’s Post-1991 Expansion: Increased European Security or a Decaying Military Alliance?
News item: Miina Oks ’04 Will Present Research on NATO Expansion at National Conference

Jonathan Cohn ’04
Gender Assessment: The Changing Social Roles in Poland and Hungary and the Influence of the European Union
News item: Jonathan Cohn ’04 Presents Economics Paper at National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Doug Burke ’04
Thesis title: “In the Pursuit of Glory in the Soviet Union”
News item: Douglas Burke ’04 Shares Research on Sports and Politics in Russia at National Conference

Silvia Veltcheva ’03
The Struggles of Transition: Privatization in Russia and Bulgaria

Kate Cimino ’02
Comparative State Responses to the AIDS Epidemics: Case Studies of Thailand and Uganda

Alan Sky ’01
Foreign Direct Investment in Russia: Case Studies of Success and Failure

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